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22 Things For May And April Update

Well this was originally going to be an update blog post for April, but it kept getting pushed to the back burner and now it’s the first of bloody May. So we’ll combo the deal. Seems fair to me.

What Went Well:

I managed to journal and do my Morning Pages most days, though there were some days of one but not the other. Progress and all. I’ve also kept some of my girly needs taken care of. Again that whole progress thing. Been attempting to keep up with various household projects and to dos. I did enter a contest! And have a plan for entering one this month, if I can come up with an idea for that one’s theme. It didn’t even hurt. Been doing better sticking to a list, when I bother to make them. Oops. I have been taking better notes, although I still have a ways to go there. I also need to focus better on my current WIPs, while progress was made, I’m not where I want to be yet.

What Didn’t Go So Hot:

Using up what I have has been a big issue for me, not because I don’t know what to do with it, but because of my decided lack of energy. The whole quitting smoking issue has been on again, off again. Insane amounts of stress and frustration make it really hard to quit, not that it’s ever easy. My to do list and I are arguing again…basically I’m giving it the cold shoulder because it refuses to shrink instead of grow. I didn’t self-publish anything, but I’m not sure I would 100% call it bad, since the story I was going to just self-pub I ended up taking a chance and submitting it to Glimmertrain. So that’s more just on hold (unless they accept it). But there was no non-fiction writing done or any other short stories/novellas either. 6am wake up time…yeah, I still totally sleep through the alarm most days. Even when I go to bed earlier than 10pm. Shocking I know.
So I’m basically reposting the same list. Why? Because I can, that’s why. Plus I feel lazy and crappy and don’t want to think anymore.

22 Things For May

1. Self-publish one short story.
2. Continue working on current WIPs. #Wordmongering would be wonderfully helpful in this!
3. Attend to my girly needs – like showers, manicures, pedicures etc. I hate feeling like I look trashy.
4. Meal planning! This has made my life easier over the past week, so I need to do more of it.
5. Write 10 non-fiction articles (not including blog posts). Small enough goal, shouldn’t interfere too much with my darling fiction writing.
6. Remove the clutter from my home, a little bit every day. I hate clutter, hate, hate, hate it. But it has infested my living space, therefore, it has to go!
7. Start 3 short stories. It’s not like I’m lacking in ideas.
8. Journal and do my Morning Pages daily. I really notice a difference when I use these tools, but for whatever reason I find myself dropping them when stressed.
9. Get my heart rate up every day. Exercise is good for you, even if all you want to do is curl up in a ball and sleep afterwards <note to self>.
10. Keep better notes throughout the day. If I had written down all the thoughts I was thinking about this blog post, I wouldn’t be stumbling through it now.
11. Clear out area that I want my compost pile in. It’s a mess and I’m not sure what is buried under the leaves. Probably don’t want to know.
12. Use up what I already have on hand before I go grocery shopping. Seems so simple, yet somehow it’s not.
13. Save money any way I can. Clipping coupons, trading points for gift cards, buying less – I’m not picky. Every little bit of money I don’t spend works in my favor.
14. Make a shopping list and stick to it! See above, it’s all about saving money. And I have a bit of an impulse buyer issue.
15. Write down my dreams. Been having some really odd ones, and I’d like to remember them. There could be patterns, or it could become story fodder.
16. Get a decent night’s sleep. 10pm bedtime, but no later than 11pm. And Twitter is not a viable excuse to stay up late.
17. Stop avoiding my to do list. I put those items on there because they need to get done, not because they look shiny on the page.
18. 6am wake up call. My alarm is already set for 6, but I’m not doing so great in the listening to it department. This one might just never happen, but it’s worth a try.
19. Write something for at least one writing contest. Can be a poem, short story, and flash fiction, whatever. Just do it.
20. Spend more time with my daughter. She needs her Mommy.
21. No smoking! I hate that nasty stuff. I’ll just have to find something else to self-medicate with.
22. Catch up on my reading and reviewing. Currently have 10 books that have been read already, that are just waiting for the re-read and review. This number will just keep climbing if I don’t start taking care of this.

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